"You may be interested to hear what happened..." October 6, 2016 09:04

Dear Sir or Madam, 

You may be interested to hear what happened to me while I was wearing one of your wonderful T shirts. 

My wife and I were on holiday on our narrow boat recently and I was wearing my 'Proud to have Served in the Royal Air Force' T shirt. It was actually my wife's birthday and we decided to have a meal in a canal side pub, but when I went in to book the table, I was told that the credit card machine was broken and it would be cash only. Unfortunately, I didn't have enough cash on me to go ahead with booking the meal and when I went outside to explain the situation to my wife, she was obviously disappointed as she had really been looking forward to a birthday meal out.

A gentleman sitting outside the pub overhead us and said that he himself was ex-RAF and he insisted that he gave me a lift into the local town, (which was about 5 miles away), to a cash machine so that I could get money for our meal. He then drove me back to the pub and wouldn't take any reward for his kindness.

So, it is thanks to your T shirt that a disaster was averted and my wife got her birthday meal!

Wishing the very best to all the Sloganite Team.

Kind regards,