"...really chuffed with what I have received..." July 22, 2019 11:27

Bull Terrier Rugby Shirt


Received Rugby Shirt on 20/7/19… “Thank You Very, Very Much”.  Really pleased with it… great quality and excellent service…Superb!!.  If I had a wish, with your expertise, it would be that you had done one with the small Bull Terrier on the Front and a Bigger Bull Terrier Embroidered on the back… understand that this would have cost a lot more but just a thought for you…. there are so many of us Bull Terrier Fans out their and the Rugby Shirt style just adds to the appeal…. With the quality product you supply, it might be an added option you could offer… I would have certainly gone for it!!

Anyway, “Many Thanks”  again, really chuffed with what I have received…Take Care,

Kind Regards