"...I am very pleased..." May 3, 2023 12:02

Hi..thank you for your reply.
I can now confirm my Harrington Jacket has finally arrived......No thanks to the Philippines Postal Service.
It would appear that the delivery does not cover the whole journey under supervision of a courier,,,once it arrives in Philippines it is handed over to the Philippines Postal Service who quite basically are ,,,shit,,,worse than useless.
Also once a package arrived into Philippines,,there is NO way to track it when the postal service gets involved.
Anyway,,,I now have my jacket and I am very pleased.
I even thought about following up an offer you are doing for 2 Harrington random jackets for £30.00,,,,,but there are 4 of the color options I really wouldn't want😁.....but it is pointed out clearly that the 2 jackets WOULD BE TOTALLY RANDOM CHOICE,,,no choosing....so I will wait for another promotion to come along.
Right now I'm considering one of your wax jackets.
Thank you..
Regards until my next purchase
England Rugby Harrington