"...arrived yesterday and is beautiful..." August 20, 2019 15:09

Scotland Retro Rugby Sweatshirt
My jersey arrived yesterday and is beautiful.  The quality of the fabric is superb.  We do not have the quality fabric here that I am able to purchase from the UK: it all comes from China and is very thin. 
I usually spend the northern summer in Scotland every year, but did not do so this year and have found the winter here delightful, with days in the mid 20s and still able to swim most mornings at daybreak as I do for the other nine months.   I was beginning to think I would not get the wear from my new jersey – until the weather dropped this week to 17! 
I look forward to purchasing some summer clothes in due course.  I used to be able to buy excellent tee shirts in Edinburgh every year.  They just had the small lion rampant on the left side of the shirt.  Australians are more conservative dressers than the British and I would not feel at all comfortable wearing the shirts with the “loud” (?provocative) nationalistic (frowned on here) slogans and sayings.  The shop in Edinburgh (I think it was called “Scotland Fantastic”) closed down so they could concentrate on screen printing.  I can’t see anything like that on your web site.
I would be grateful if you would pass on my compliments to the manufacturer, Just Hoods.
With best wishes,